GTARG readme.html

GTARG was a collaboration involving several people, mainly Ram Bhat, Ray
Frauenholz, and Eric Cannel (besides myself). Other interlopers may claim
credit but we did the real work.

This software is as-is, no guarantees, no support. People ask 
for it so here it is but its mostly a part of my life that I've 
forgotten, so I probably can't help you with it very much.   
GTARG is a declared work of the US Government and is freely 
avialable open source software without restriction. 

Documentation contains zipped pdfs of the 
MS Word document that were available on COSMIC.

Source Code

The good news is that its all there.

The zip-files contain the entire archive, or you can look at the
individual functions.

The bad news is that you have to compile it yourself and its written
in a flavor of FORTRAN that no longer exists (VAX/VMS). Its mostly
FORTRAN-77 but the Make files are for VMS and some functions will
have to be recoded.

Pleasant coding.